Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of donations, refunds can only be given at the discretion of management.

We will consider all refund requests on a case by case basis, however, a refund for any reason outside of those detailed below is unlikely to be granted.

A refund will usually be issued in instances where:

  • An error has been made by Wavlink Inc.
  • A donor’s banking details have been fraudulently obtained and used.
  • Wavlink inc. has received a donor’s details in error.
  • A donor has previously requested that regular debits be cancelled however, the debits have continued.
  • An overpayment error has been made by the Donor where the donation was intended to be less than actually paid.

The refund will be to the maximum of the last debit amount unless a donor can provide proof of the original cancellation request.

Please note that Wavlink Inc. requires 14 days’ notice to cancel a debit agreement by calling our Centre on 95617104 or by letter. Therefore, if a request to cancel was made after the 10th of the month we cannot guarantee it will be actioned before the next payment date.

Wavlink Inc. may refund on the grounds of financial hardship – however, this will be to the maximum of the last debit amount and at the discretion of the Manager. In all instances, Wavlink Inc. will not refund past the previous tax year. If a refund request is agreed the donor will be refunded within five working days of the decision, using the original method of payment. If a donor wishes to dispute the refund decision, a further request can be escalated to the Chairperson of the Board by letter or email. Please note that we may request additional information or documentation from you in consideration of any disputed item.

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